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Background Music Codes Generator and Previewer!

This is the html code to add music to your webpage background
<bgsound src="location-of-music-file-goes-here" loop=infinite>

Use the code below to try our midi music file on your website.
<bgsound src="http://ezcybersites.com/audio-sound/losing_my_religion.mid" loop=infinite>

The HTML Code above goes directly into your webpage Source Code.
Contact us for further assistance or would like to have us do it for you.
Be sure to include the URL of your website

<bgsound src="http://ezcybersites.com/audio-sound/fields_of_gold.mid " loop=false>

"Fields of Gold"

Player-1 Code:
<embed src="http://ezcybersites.com/audio-sound/fields_of_gold.mid" autostart="false" loop="true" width=540 height=44>

Player-2 <bgsound src="http://ezcybersites.com/audio-sound/losing_my_religion.mid" loop=false>

"Losing My Religion"

Player-2 Code:
<embed src="http://ezcybersites.com/audio-sound/losing_my_religion.mid" autostart="false" loop="true" width=540 height=44>

These are the steps to put a player on your website

  1. Fill in the required information
  2. Generate the source (button at bottom)
  3. Preview your menu (button at bottom)
  4. Copy and Paste the generated source code below
    into your HTML page file.

Music properties

 Music location:

Sample Location Below

Loop times:

Display panel selection

Internet Explorer 4+
Hidden (choose with auto start)
Netscape 4.x+

If you received a error

1. Be sure to give the music file time to download.
Music will not play until the music file is downloaded !
2. Be sure to enter a valid URL for the music file and reclick Generate Code.
Sample URL Below:

Copy and paste the generated code from the text box above into your web page html file, inside the <BODY> section, or between the <BODY> tag and the </BODY> tag.

To enter the code(s) into a webpage html file, you will need to go into your websites Members Page(s). From there, you will need to locate the websites File Manager.
Once you have entered the File Manager, locate the html file that represents the webpage you want to add the music to.
Once you locate the correct file to add the music to, click on the edit tab next to that file name and a new page will appear with
the complete html code for that webpage.

Paste the code into the BODY of that file where you want the player to be seen.
Be sure to save the file as the same file name as before and save a copy of the original file for a back-up file.
We recommend saving a backup copy of the original file just in case as a safe measure. You should see the check box to back-up the original when you are editing the file in the top of your screen.

If you are having trouble and would like us to help, click on the link below.

Please include the URL or name of your website, the page you want the music to be played on and the name and location of the music file.

---> Click here for futher assistance
---> Click here to check out our new online karaoke juke box


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